Schedule & Programme
Schedule now Final
(subject to disaster)
Start- End Time
Main Hall
Staff Room
17:30 – 20:00
Registration – in vestibule area
19:00 – 19:20
19:20 – 19:50
First Pod Session & Ice-Breaker

20:00 – 21:00

Satoru Yahata – presentation on Australia to Japan



Start- End Time
Main Hall
Staff Room
07:30 – 08:00
Coffee – in vestibule area
08:00 – 08:20
20 Welcome & Housekeeping

08:20 – 08:45

Theme for the Weekend – Embracing Risk – Mark Jones
08:45 – 09:40
(1) Europe’s TID
Tour of the Danube
(2) Visualisation
(3) Paddles – N of
(4) Boat Fit
Make it Respond
09:40 – 10:00
2nd Pod session 2nd Pod session 2nd Pod session 2nd Pod session
10:00 – 10:20
Special Event Special Event Special Event Special Event
10:20 – 10:50
Morning Tea & Scones
10:55 – 11:45
(5) Baja
(6) Advanced
(7) Perfect
Your Stroke

11:50 – 12:40

(9) Antarctica
(10) Kayak
(12) Food Fun

12:45 – 13:45


13:45 – 14:35

(13) Sicily in the
Mediterranean Sea
(14) Beam Me Up:
Emergency Comms
(15) Build Your
Own Kayak
(16) Practical Repair &

14:40 – 15:30

(17) Canada’s
BC Coast
(18) Designing
Clever Kayaks
(19) Building a
Kayaking Paradise
(20) Fishing with
Artificial Soft Bait

15:35 – 15:55

Afternoon Tea

16:00 – 16:50

Tsunami Rangers – Eric & Jim

16:55 – 17:35

Lake Edge Session: – Boat Control for fun & safety

17:35 – 18:00

Lake Edge Session: – multiple open Q&A discussions about destinations

18:00 – 18:30

Happy Half Hour / Socialising / DIY Boats

18:30 – 19:30


19:40 – 21:00


After-Dinner Remarks and Key-Note Speaker: Paul Caffyn & Conrad Edwards

21:00 – 21:15
15 Tidy Up and Go Home



Start- End Time
Sullivans Bay – Mahurangi
08:15 – 08:45
Pods Gather –prep your kayaks
08:45 – 09:00
Briefing – on Beach
09:00 – 12:30
Scenarios (incl. morning tea stop)
12:30 – 13:30
13:30 – 13:45
IKW Briefing
13:45 – 16:15
On-the-Water or Beach Clinics:
Boat Fit-Out,   Advanced Strokes;   Rolling

Sunday Notes:
Please provide yourself with something to drink on Sunday – both on the water (morning tea) & for the BBQ.
From Auckland, allow 60 minutes driving time and aim to be at Sullivan’s Bay at 8am.
On Sunday, all groups must be ready for the beach briefing at 08:45.

Session Details:

Friday Evening – register from 5:30 pm – content starts at 7 pm – don’t miss this
Australia to Japan — a Quest
Satoru Yahata (assisted by Iwao Fujii)
The dream of exploring many coastlines, many peoples with many maritime cultures — from Australia, through Indonesia, the Philipines, Taiwan, Okinawa and on home to Japan — has led Satoru to paddle accross this vast strtch of Ocean — connecting the dots between.
Saturday – content starts at 08:00 – don’t miss this
Theme: Embracing Risk
Mark Jones
Balancing Enjoyable Risk against disaster...

Mark sets the stage for the weekend, with a wake-you-up-and-make-you-think session.

Mark spends his days teaching the next generation of Outdoor Professionals at AUT. He also leads from the front with kayaking adventures as a member of the Adventure Philosophy trio that have kayaked Antarctica and circumnavigated South Georgia – world firsts. A man who studies limits and then pushes them.
Sessions at 08:45 – choose between 1 – 4
[1] Europe’s TID – Tour of the Danube
Max & Jenny-Lee
Every summer for 55 years, the world’s longest regular paddle has been organised and run – down the length of the Danube. From Ingolstadt, Germany to Silistra, Bulgaria; this little jaunt is 2516 km long and provides a fascinating (and very low-cost) way of seeing a wonderful slice of ten countries.

Paddlers from around Europe (and the world) join for a week, a month or the whole journey. Over the past 10 years, a number of New Zealanders have come back enthused and keen to shout its merits.

We now have the man who runs it, Max Scharnböck (Germany) & his partner Jenney Lee (Australia) who met Max on the TID last year. They will give you a tour of the tour.
[2] Visualisation
Paul Caffyn
Paul Caffyn has many amazing kayak expeditions to his credit and he did them before anyone else had proved them possible. Those who have come after have had the benefit of his books and very often his personal advice and help.

One of the skills that made such wave-breaking trips possible is Paul’s passion for practical trip-planning carried to almost Zen levels – which he calls visualisation. Every situation that you have thought through, in detail and before you face it, is a situation which you are better equipped to survive.

If you can’t visualise surviving a scenario – that is a handy piece of information for your planning stages.
[3] Paddles – North of Ngauruhoe
Lynnis Burson
A hand-picked selection of destinations, from a paddler who has explored from East Cape to Reinga.

Photos and commentary by Lynnis will spotlight her favourite bits of NZ’s wonderful North Island coastline, both salty & fresh.!
[4] Boat Fit – Make it Respond
David Winkworth
Most of us would benefit hugely from making our kayaks fit us a little more snugly. An airy and cavernous cockpit may make a kayak easy to sell to a newbie with fears of entrapment, but it doesn’t help you stay upright in clapotis or surf and it makes rolling just that much harder.

Dave will discuss the advantages of using a bit of spare camp mat (or fancier foams) to achieve a customised seat & cockpit that pleases your taste for boat control.

Dave is a very experienced kayaker from Australia. He’s designed and built kayaks commercially and journeyed far in them. Of recent years, he’s been working on ways of letting us kayak ‘smarter’ with clever ideas for pumps, wheels, etc.
Sessions at 10:55 – choose between 5 – 8
[5] Baja California
Rick Wiebush
Rick will tell us of his 750 km, month-long, self-supported expedition on the Sea of Cortes in Baja, Mexico. This is a magical, remote & stunningly beautiful place where the desert & mountains meet the sea and wildlife abounds.

Some of the trip’s biggest paddling challenges will be highlighted and (so he says) greatly exaggerated.

Rick is from Baltimore, on the U.S. east coast. He holds the (old) BCU 4 Star award and is a BCU Level 2 Coach. He has been to Baja 5 times, once to Greenland & teaches at symposia in North Carolina & Maine.
[6] Advanced Navigation
Miles Usher
Miles has had three lifetime passions – kayaking, sailing and flying. In each he has found a use for navigational skills. Whether in the front seat for Air NZ or in the cockpit of a sea kayak, he has figured out how to find his way.

Come and listen to a very practical take on technology and methods modern and traditional – for finding your way and your way back again.
[7] Perfect your Stroke
Conrad Edwards
Conrad has a number of fast kayaks and a number of fast paddling companions. He has worked hard at getting the basic paddle stroke up to a level that complements this.

As a paddler with a proven ability to cross Cook Straight with seeming ease and keep pace with Mr Caffyn, he has no lack of credibility when he talks about how to propel a kayak.

I know a couple of very competent Auckland paddlers who have heard Conrad give this talk – and they were impressed. Now you have that opportunity.
[8] Free Period
Sessions at 11:50 – choose between 9 – 12
[9] Antarctica
Lawrence Geoghegan
You may have met Lawrence in Justine’s 3rd DVD of sea kayaking adventures. He was one of the three Australians who journeyed 800km down the lonely Antarctic Peninsula in 2006 and filmed their fun.

From Ushuaia at the tip of South America through the ice and weather of the adventure, Laurie will give you a look at the rough as well as the smooth of demolishing comfort zones.
[10] Kayak Medic
Andrew [Mo] Kennedy
An informal lecture on remote and emergency medicine as it relates to the wilderness setting as a kayaker. With advice from Mo’s experience as a Medic in the NZ Army added to real life situations from his kayak expeditions and guiding experience in places including Norway, India, Nepal and North America. Discussions include emergencies in a kayak, long term patient care, wilderness evacuation considerations and anything more people wish to cover!
[11] Free Period
[12] Food Fun Kayaking
Rachel Bunt & Tony Morris
Join Rachel & Tony, two amusing and skilled food people to discuss something near to both their hearts.

Veggies & Peskatarians a speciality. This session will be a chance to share ideas and tastes in a cooking demonstration. We will show you some of our favourite flavoursome products on the market.  Home-made creations and recipes also included. All dishes can be made on the camp stove, are healthy and nutritious catering for those of us that aren’t meat lovers

This will definitely be a ’look & touch’ session.

Sessions at 13:45 – choose between 13 – 16
[13] Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea
Paula Renouf
Paula is an Auckland paddler who has spent the last year exploring some of the world’s paddling possibilities. She has put together a session highlighting Sicily (at the toe of Italy) and will describe a beautiful destination from a kiwi perspective.
[14] Beam Me Up: Emergency Communications
John will look at the bits of electronic gear that we use to prevent disaster or to bail us out when it strikes. With a nod to the philosophy of conducting yourself so that it isn’t needed.

John Kirk-Anderson is an immensely experienced and skilled kayak instructor and paddler – with a strong interest in safety. Working as a Press Photographer, he sees quite enough drama.
[15] Build Your Own Kayak
Pete Notman
Pete will explore the three common ways of building your own kayak. From Skin-on-Frame (SoF), and Cedar Strip to Stitch-and-Glue plywood, he will look at the strengths of each method and the rewards you can expect.

Pete earns a living in or under the water – but spends a great deal of his leisure time on it, in a selection of kayaks he’s built using all of these methods.
[16] Practical Kayak Repair & Maintenance
Wade from Q-Kayaks
How to keep your kayak happy. Not to mention you !

Wade looks at fixing plastic kayaks & maintaining and repairing composite kayaks. This covers safe storage, removing dents and repairing gouges / holes in plastic kayaks, fibreglass repairs & more. Presented by Wade from Q-Kayaks in Ashurst, this will be a ’look & touch’ session.
Sessions at 14:40 – choose between 17 – 20
[17] Canada’s BC Coast
Patti Stevens & Yves Aquin
This is a salute to the stunning coastline of BC – Canada’s province of British Columbia – with specific reference to Haida Gwaii Haanas National Park in the islands that are also known as the Queen Charlottes.

Patti Stevens & Yves Aquin hail from Canada and live in Victoria, on BC’s Vancouver Island. Currently enjoying a sabbatical break from work, they have escaped the Canadian winter to cycle in NZ for a few months. They agreed to stop at Coastbusters to tell us about their great 2009 adventure – paddling for 3 months in the Canadian summer.

They have been paddling for 7 years on the BC North Coast and are both Paddle Canada sea kayak instructors and volunteer their time instructing at the Canadian Navy base in Esquimalt BC and at the Victoria Canoe & Kayak Club.
[18] Designing Clever Kayaks
Gerry Maire, Renton Hunger, et al
What is your dream kayak ?

How would you describe it to a kayak designer ?

He’d ask you questions like “What do you plan to use it for ?” and “What kayaks have you paddled ?”

Gerry hosts a panel of local designers, who will look at the process of balancing the trade-offs in choosing a kayak – a kayak that excels at what YOU feel is supremely important.
[19] Building a Super-City Kayaking Paradise
Hugo Meares;
When human habitation began with the arrival of the Polynesians, Tamaki Makarau was a vibrant crossroads of trade and social interaction where the waka was vehicle of the day.

With the arrival of the Europeans in the 1800’s, the rowboat, sailboat and later steamboat expanded the region’s city’s ‘nautical village’ framework with populations expanding in ports such as Albany, Onehunga, Waiuku, Howick, Devonport, St Heliers and Riverhead.

The arrival of the car was a step backwards in this efficient nautical network and soon the waterways were being neglected. In the 21st Century three factors are combining to provide an opportunity to re-establish the waterways of Auckland.

Come to the session to listen to and have input into the opportunity to influence the Super City to create the most kayak friendly city in the world.
[20] Fishing
Mike Scanlan
Snapper Fishing using Artificial Soft Baits from Sea Kayaks

Four years ago Mike had never caught a snapper. Now he lands over 300 each year from his sea kayak.

Join Mike for a workshop on the latest soft-bait technology, outfitting your boat and then chasing the fish. This will be a ’look & touch’ session.
Later Saturday – Universal Sessions (for Everyone)
16:00 – Kayaking Ocean Rock Gardens
Eric Soares & Jim Kakuk
Eric & Jim founded the Rangers and have led them safely through years of extreme sea kayaking. What may look like madness and mayhem to our eyes has been a lifelong passion and a science to them.

Watch with awe and take away a better appreciation for what is possible with skills and experience – both of which you can work on. If you are feeling suicidal.
16:55 – Lake Edge Session – Kayak Dancing
Numerous & Skilled
Boat Control for fun & safety
17:35 – Lake Edge Session – Destination Dreaming
multiple open Q&A discussions about destinations
18:00 – Wooden-Boat Exhibit – Main Hall
Carl Brown et al
A goodly number of wonderful hand-crafted kayaks will be on show for most of Saturday – with basic details of their designs & building projects. Included will be plywood, cedar-strip and SOF (skin-on-frame) boats with a wide diversity of design goals and construction difficulty. This time period is an opportunity to come and ask the builders questions – and to tell them how well they’ve done.
19:40 – After-Dinner Key-Note – Main Hall
Paul Caffyn & Conrad Edwards
Paul and Conrad Edwards spent August 2008 paddling on the exposed east coast of Greenland, made famous 70 years ago by Gino Watkins and the British Trans-Greenland Expedition. With photos and stories, Conrad and NZ’s living-legend stretch the limits yet again.

An undertaking of daunting difficulty and extreme beauty.

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